Purple Shampoo: Does It Work? Get The Complete Guide to Silver Shampoo

When hair is bleached, dyed or is turning grey, the light colour in the hair will often change and take on a warm (and yellowish) undertone that requires proper treatment to be kept at bay. Most might think “this is a job for my hairdresser!”, but no, it’s very simple and something you can manage yourself at home. Let me introduce you to "Silver Shampoo", which is basically a colour pigment shampoo that also goes by the name “Purple Shampoo”.

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Whether you’re a blonde, brunette or ginger, you might have heard of both silver shampoo and silver conditioner. So far, so good. But how, and not least why should you use a purple shampoo for your hair? What exactly does this “panacea” for light and grey hair do? Read on and I will guide you through everything you need to know about this magic shampoo with colour pigments here (Pssst! later on in this post, we’ve put up a video that shows how to use a purple shampoo including before and after!)

Have you previously experienced that your hair turned orange after bleaching or maybe your hair became yellowish and dull after a long vacation in the sun? Or what about the times when you’ve wanted to freshen up your bright hair colour without having to pay through the nose for a trip to the hairdresser? In these cases, a silver shampoo can be very useful. But let’s start out with an explanation of what a purple shampoo that brightens your hair really is:

What is a purple shampoo?

We have many names for the things we love, and purple shampoo is one of them! Because "purple shampoo" as well as "silver shampoo” are exactly the same thing. Both are shampoos that instantly brighten your hair and remove orange hair tones from bleaching, exposure to direct sun light, or other causes for warmer hair undertones. Besides bleaching, your hair colour can fade and damaged by a variety of things, especially if you have lighten hair color. UV rays, chlorinated water, and salt water are among the most common reasons why your hair is discoloured or with time gets a yellow or orange tint.

In short, a silver shampoo is designed to help you get rid of the yellow and orange tones so your hair keeps its delicate, cool, and light colour, which was most likely why you had it bleached in the first place.

Purple Shampoo Before And After:

hairlust hair growth repair for blondes

*Purple shampoo before and after - using HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes. Results may vary from person to person.

Purple Shampoo (Silver Shampoo) VS. BLUE SHAMPOO

A shampoo containing purple colour pigments, a purple shampoo, is suitable for light, blonde, bleached, or greyish hair with yellow tones. The blue shampoo, on the other hand, is suitable for neutralising red tones in brunette or dark blonde hair.

If in doubt, I recommend choosing a purple shampoo (also the most popular), because a blue colour pigment shampoo can cause light hair to become light green, and i'm sure most people want to avoid that.

How does a Purple Shampoo Work?

But why exactly does a purple shampoo contain purple colour pigments? The magic of a shampoo that lightens the hair simply consists of the purple colour, and you might remember from school or art class that purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel because they are complementary colours. This means that the purple pigments in a silver shampoo neutralise the unwanted warm, yellow tones in your hair and gives it a fine, light, and cool hue. That’s why a purple shampoo efficiently maintains your hair colour for longer and is very good for removing that unwanted warm hue from blonde, light, or grey hair.

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Ingredients In Purple Shampoo - What to Look For

Let's be honest! Ingredients and product declarations are incredibly confusing for us mere mortals, who don’t straight away recognise the Latin or chemical names for plants and other ingredients. Have you ever checked a purple shampoo label and wondered what “Cl 60730” means? Read on in this article, because the ingredients of a silver shampoo have an immense impact on the effect and the final result.


The single most important ingredient in silver shampoo and conditioner is no doubt the purple colour pigment, which gives you that lightening effect and the delicate, cool hue. The colour pigment often used is CI 60730. Quite simply, CI 60730 is a purple colour pigment (hence the name “purple shampoo”) that neutralises yellow hair and orange hair shades, which highlights the silver hue and colder tones of light and grey hair.


While colour pigment in silver shampoo and conditioner provides the lightening effect, it is also important to ensure the products have a high content of good, nourishing ingredients. Especially when dyed or bleached, light hair needs extra care because chemical treatments can damage the hair, and without proper aftercare they can leave the hair dry, frizzy, and damaged.

If you find that your hair has become discoloured, dry or orange after bleaching or dyeing, it is even more important that you specifically look for moisturising ingredients when choosing a good silver shampoo for lightening your hair (also remember the conditioner!).

It is always a good idea to choose a purple shampoo (and hair care products in general) that contain nourishing and moisturising ingredients, which are beneficial for both hair and scalp. When looking for a silver shampoo, I always look for products that contain:

  • Aloe Vera - which is incredibly good for both hair and scalp, plus it is packed with good enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that effectively maintain the scalp's natural pH balance, while its high content of antioxidants helps fight free radicals and protects skin and hair cells, ensuring that moisture and nourishment can penetrate both more deeply.
  • Mango Extract - has moisturising, colour-protective, and antioxidant properties, protects against UV rays and stimulates hair regeneration as well as collagen production (a MUST in a silver shampoo).
  • Blueberry Extract - has antioxidant, antibacterial, and exfoliating properties beneficial for a delicate or irritated scalp, plus improves hair elasticity and makes your hair shine.
  • Liquorice Root Extract - has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to reduce irritation and redness as well as stimulate the scalp.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil - rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and E, which nourish and nurtures the hair.
  • Sweet Almond Oil - packed with minerals, vitamins A, B, and E, plus omega-9, -6, and 3 fatty acids, which fight free radicals and keep hair healthy and protected.


Because hair is mainly composed of proteins, vegetable proteins or ingredients such as creatine are also worth looking for in a good purple shampoo and conditioner. The same goes for B-vitamins, which are essential for the maintenance of healthy hair and hair growth:

  • Creatine - is used for treatment and repair of damaged and over-processed hair. Helps strengthen the hair and stimulate the production of keratin, which is the main component of hair. Has a moisturising and softening effect on hair roots, plus prevent frizzy hair locks.
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5) - is converted into vitamin B5 upon contact with the scalp and helps stimulate hair growth.

To provide the fragile hair with an added extra in-depth nurture to compliment the moisturising silver shampoo, consider supplementing with good protein mask for your hair – maybe that’s especially relevant if you have dyed or bleached your hair?


For me, it’s vital that the products I use for my hair and skin, such as a purple shampoo and conditioner, are certified vegan, that they are natural, and preferably packed with amazing, organic ingredients. That way I know that I’m not exposing myself and my body to unnecessary substances that in the long run can be detrimental to my health. Luckily, HairLust has developed a silver shampoo and conditioner with these exact things in mind, so when I use HairLust products, I don’t have worry about if I’m doing harm to myself, to wildlife or the environment.


I recommend that you avoid products containing SLS/SLES including sulphate free shampoo, which are the harmful sulphates that dry out your hair and scalp. Also, avoid parabens and phthalates because they are known endocrine disruptors, and stay away from purple shampoo containing silicone because in the long run, it can be harmful and hinder other nutrients from thoroughly penetrate the hair strands.

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Who Could Benefit From Using Purple Shampoo?

Have you also considered if a purple shampoo (silver shampoo) and conditioner might be right for your hair, but are still not sure?

A silver shampoo and conditioner with purple colour pigments are the perfect match for both blonde, light, and grey hair – whether it is coloured, bleached or natural. Silver shampoo and conditioner is used for maintaining light hair, to brighten up the colour or to fight and remove orange tones from your hair if it has turned yellow or orange from for example bleaching.

A purple shampoo that lightens the hair is even a great trick to maintain the colour of highlights, for instance, or if you have ombre or balayage hair with lighter colours. All in all, it’s the perfect tool to keep the beautiful, cold nuances in your bright hair locks.

Purple shampoo for grey hair - Is it safe?

How does a purple shampoo with colour pigment affect grey hair? In short, it works great on grey hair! After I introduced my mum to the product, she pretty much replaced her old shampoo bottle with a silver shampoo. Natural grey hair is often very delicate and fragile, and it tends to get a slightly yellowish hue if, for example, you stay in the sun a bit too much. If you use a silver shampoo for grey hair and a conditioner with purple pigments once in a while, maybe just once a week or a couple of times a month, you can actually avoid the warm, yellowish tones, while the neat, grey hair gets a refreshing boost when needed.

Don't be nervous about the colour pigments and the purple colour of the silver shampoo and conditioner, because they won't make your hair purple if you use the products according to the instructions, and if you don't leave either product in your hair for too long. A silver shampoo that lightens the hair will merely give the hair locks a colder hue so they don't look yellow or discoloured.

How Do You Use Purple Shampoo (Step-By-Step)

How often and how you should use a purple shampoo and purple conditioner always depends on what products you choose and of course also what effect you desire. But what is the rules of thumb when it comes to usage?

How to use a purple shampoo [VIDEO]

For you to easily find out how to incorporate a purple shampoo and purple conditioner, such as the HairLust Hair Growth & Repair For Blondes, into your hair care routine, here’s a quick guide and my best advice:

1. Wash your hair twice with your HairLust Purple Shampoo. Start by massaging the shampoo into the scalp and then rinse the hair thoroughly with hot water. The first time you wash it, the shampoo won’t foam very much.

2. The second time you wash your hair with the purple shampoo, massage it into the scalp and from there out towards the ends. Then rinse again with hot water. This second time you’ll see that the silver shampoo foams up more. By washing your hair twice, you remove a lot more product residue and other grime, dirt, and sebum from hair and scalp, which increases the oxygen supply to the hair roots and the hair is better able to absorb the good nutrients from, for instance, the conditioner and hair mask.

3. When you feel like your hair needs a little bit of extra TLC, use a hair mask rich in moisture or proteins after you’ve cleaned your hair with shampoo. Massage the mask into your hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes, preferably longer. I usually wrap my hair in a towel turban and get comfortable with a good book or a film, while leaving the hair mask to penetrate the hair.

4. Finish off with your silver conditioner. Apply it from roots to ends, massage it gently into the hair, and let it work for 1-3 minutes. If one day you feel like you want your hair to have bit of extra lightness, leave both the purple shampoo and conditioner in for 1-2 minutes longer before rinsing. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the lightness that suits you, but be cautious not to leave the products in for too long.

5. Limit how often you wash your hair and keep it at 2-3 times a week. Washing is hard on the hair, which is extra fragile after washing, and it’s bad for the scalp if you wash out all the natural oils too often – or even every day. It’s often difficult to get used to washing your hair less, but try starting out by only washing it every two days, and once you’ve gotten used to that, take it a step further. Your scalp will thank you!

6. A piece of good advice: Always finish off hair wash with a conditioner, since conditioner seals the hair strands and help protect the hair from everyday wear and tear.

7. Finally, just let the hair dry (preferably without using a blow dryer) so you can enjoy your hair’s fine, cool tones – thank to a good and gentle treatment with silver shampoo and silver conditioner.

Below is a video of how to make the most of the purple shampoo and conditioner:

How often should you use a Purple Shampoo?

Some purple shampoos and conditioners are pretty harsh, and you shouldn’t use them too often because they might dry out your hair. There are lots of products on the market that don’t contain those vital, moisturising ingredients, so make sure you buy a silver shampoo that contains that deep purple colour but also is rich in organic, moisturising ingredients. Personally, I use HairLust Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner For Blondes, because they’re not rough on the hair and actually can be used weekly instead of monthly – and they’re even certified vegan and packed with nice, organic ingredients, which is a rare sight in purple shampoo and conditioner.

My Top 3 Best advices when using Purple Shampoo & Conditioner:

I use my purple shampoo and conditioner weekly, and I’ve gained some experience and have a lot of tips and tricks I would love to share with you in order for you to make the most of your colour pigmented purple shampoo and avoid orange hair tones.


If your natural hair colour is light or grey, or if you dye or bleach your hair, a good protein mask is pretty much essential for you, because the proteins in the hair mask strengthens your hair from the inside and leaves it healthy and strong. This really is a must if you use silver shampoo and silver conditioner, because the everyday extra colour treatment needs proper, natural, and in-depth care. I use the Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask 1-3 times a month. It really is a lifesaver in combination with my colour pigmented purple shampoo.


During the last year I have changed my cotton pillowcases for pillowcases made of bamboo fibres. One thing is sure – I am never changing back again! Bamboo pillowcases are super soft, antibacterial, and very gentle for hair and skin. I recommend you allow yourself the extravagant luxury of laying your head to rest on a soft pillowcase of bamboo every night, because it does wonders for your sleep, hair, and really makes you want to turn in at night.


You should be careful with what kind of hairbrush you use for your hair, because a bad hair brush can actually cause your hair quite a lot of damage. I used to not care much about it, but now I always use a good wet brush like the below Detangle Wet Brush for my wet hair, and a gorgeous bamboo paddle brush from HairLust when my hair is dry. They also provide the scalp with a wonderful massage, which effectively stimulates the blood circulation to the hair roots.


Trust me, I’ve made some really stupid mistakes when using purple shampoo. It’s easy to get carried away when trying a new and exciting product like treating your hair with a silver shampoo and conditioner. But to avoid making the same mistakes as me, here are the most important no-gos and tips on what not to do when using a silver shampoo or silver conditioner.


My absolute best advice is not to leave your colour pigmented silver shampoo in for too long, and the same goes for your silver conditioner! If your hair has turned orange after bleaching, for instance, you might be a bit too generous with how long you leave you silver shampoo in, because the longer it’s left in, the better it works, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. It doesn’t just cause the hair to get a purple hue, but it also dries out the hair! That’s why I recommend you get a good, gentle and nourishing silver shampoo that’s mainly based on natural ingredients and that’s easily used weekly maybe even every time you wash your hair. And remember to show some restraint and preferably use the product according to the directions. That way you maintain your light hair colour but don’t compromise with your hair care and your hair health.


As mentioned earlier in this post, there are different types of colour pigmented shampoos. If you feel like sporting medium blonde, grey or bleached hair, choose a purple shampoo. If on the other hand you have medium to dark blonde hair, or you’re a brunette, then choose a blue shampoo. The blue shampoo is best suited for the red tones that often appear in dark blonde hair.

If you have any doubts, then always choose a purple shampoo over a blue one, because a blue shampoo can make blond hair turn green!

Purple Shampoo Before And After

hairlust hair growth repair for blondes

*Purple shampoo before and after - using HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes. Results may vary from person to person.

All there’s left is saying goodbye for good to yellow hair, discolouration, and orange hair after bleaching your hair or too strong UV rays. Let your hairs shine with a good purple shampoo and purple conditioner, and above all: don’t forget good hair care routines but remember that light and colour-treated hair needs extra care and lots of love.

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