SugarBearHair vs. HairLust Hair Gummies

You probably agree that it can be incredibly difficult to tell the difference between the many dietary supplements. To reduce the confusion, we have compared HairLust Hair Gummies and the blue Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. Keep on reading and we will try to make the differences between the two popular products a bit clearer.

Louise Hansen

Beauty editor

Louise previously worked as a hair dresser but chose to pursue a different career path after some years. Today, Louise works as a freelance beauty editor with an educational background from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen.Read more about the author.

I myself was very confused about the differences between dietary supplements for hair care when I had to choose, which is why I want to make the decision easier for you! I've set out to compare Sugar Bear Hair vitamins and HairLust to provide you with a better overview of the two products, and I promise you that this article will teach you about both Sugar Bear Hair and HairLust as well as the difference between the two popular supplements.

In recent years, both products have enjoyed much publicity and simultaneously the concept of 'inner beauty' has gained momentum and become increasingly popular. Several Danish and international beauty awards have added inner beauty as a whole new category, because we have finally become aware of what supplements can do to increase both health and beauty. This goes hand in hand with an increased awareness that beauty also comes from within and is not just about what you wear or how brilliant you are at putting on your makeup in the morning.

Just like regular vitamin pills, the wine gum vitamins in question are categorised as dietary supplements. Furthermore, many celebrities and bloggers have spoken about their experiences with the products on social media and created increased awareness, and I'm sure you've seen social media posts about either HairLust or Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. But let me get to the point!


HairLust has products that consist of both dietary supplements and hair care products that ensure optimal inner and outer hair care and which simultaneously enhance each other’s effect.

HairLust Hair Gummies is an award-winning, Danish vitamin supplement composed of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to provide the best nutritional basis for growing healthy, long, and thicker hair. Like Sugar Bear Hair, HairLust Hair Gummies contain vital ingredients for healthy hair. The vitamins from HairLust taste of lovely summer berries and the shape is cute and soft.


The natural color of the wine gums comes from purple carrot juice and not carmine, which is why HairLust Gummies is suitable for vegans as well as lactose-intolerant people. HairLust is based on all-natural flavours and sweeteners, as well as colouring.

A jar of HairLust wine gum vitamins lasts for one month and contains 90 wine gums. We recommended you use the product for a minimum of 1-3 months to achieve optimum effect, just as with most other supplements. The product can be purchased online on HairLusts webshop and in selected pharmacies, health food stores, hair salons and clinics in Denmark.

Like Sugar Bear Hair, several celebrities consume HairLust products and have written blog posts and described their experiences with the products. A major difference between the two brands is that HairLust is cheaper than Sugar Bear Hair, and there is especially money to be saved when buying several buckets, which we anyway recommend for optimal effect. In addition, HairLust sells both dietary supplements and hair care products in their assortment, all of which focus on the needs of women and men in the Nordic countries in relation to the nutrition, lifestyle, climate, and hair care routines that typically apply here. HairLust can be used by anyone, regardless of hair type or hair colour.


HairLust Hair Gummies is 29.95 GBP for 1 jar, 59.90 GBP for 3 jars.

Buy HairLust Hair Gummies here.


Sugar Bear Hair has one product for hair in their assortment - their blue wine gum vitamins. Sugar Bear Hair vitamins contains many of the same effective ingredients as HairLust Hair Gummies.

Sugar Bear Hair's vitamins taste amazing, and their shape and taste make consuming them a fun experience every day. However, the very strong blue colour, which is particularly characteristic of Sugar Bear Hair, comes from synthetic dyes and not from natural ingredients such as the purple carrot juice that gives HairLust Hair Gummies their red colour.

Sugar Bear Hair is available online and in selected Danish salons. Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are suitable for vegetarians as well as for those who are lactose intolerant, and each jar contains 60 pieces and lasts for a month. Like HairLust Hair Gummies, Sugar Bear Hair vitamins needs to be taken every day and it is recommended to take them for a minimum of 3 months to achieve optimal effect. Likewise, celebrities and bloggers, though mainly from the US, have talked about their experiences with Sugar Bear Hair.



Sugar Bear Hair is a vitamin brand from the US and the prices of their hair vitamins are: 23.71 GBP for 1 jar, 47.41 GBP for 2 jars and 71.12 GBP for 3 jars. They don't have any specific discounts if you buy more jars, but sometimes they offer gift packs where you can save a bit and get other products such as hair brushes and a head band with your vitamins.


Both HairLust Hair Gummies and Sugar Bear Hair vitamins contain very few calories. Both types of wine gum vitamins contain vitamins A, C, D, E, B complex (B5, B6, B9, B12) and biotin. Both products contain 5,000 mcg of biotin per recommended daily dose. However, HairLust Hair Gummies contain more zinc and vitamins B5, B6, B9 and B12, all of which have been heavily involved in research that has tested the effect of maintaining healthy hair in women with overwhelmingly positive results.

You can check the exact ingredients in HairLust Hair Gummies on this ingredient list. Another significant but inconspicuous difference is that Sugar Bear Hair vitamins is only a vegetarian product, whereas HairLust is vegan.

Research and studies have shown that certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including zinc and biotin, have an effect on the hair.

Maria Hansen

Dietician and nutritionist

There is no miracle cure or panacea that works the first day after you take it. How fast these two supplements work and what effect you experience first is dependent on the individual person - whether it is less hair loss, faster hair growth or stronger nails varies from person to person. If you go to a health food store, and ask about when the effect of any random diet supplement starts to work, they recommend that you use the product for at least 3 months before you for sure can expect the optimal effect of the product. However, if you read TrustPilot reviews of the hair vitamins, you will soon notice that several customers talk about experiencing an incredibly positive response, and those who eat 3 every day, which is the recommended amount, often experience results already after 1-2 months. You can find links to both TrustPilot profiles below and get a sense of how satisfied customers are with Sugar Bear Hair and HairLust.

HairLust and Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are in many ways similar when it comes to the concept of the products. The vitamins both taste good and the ingredients – including biotin and zinc – are effective in maintaining normal hair. You can read about which vitamins strengthen your hair here.

If you have questions or seek advice and tips, do contact customer service at either Sugar Bear Hair or HairLust.

It is important to keep in mind that if you want to achieve healthy, strong, and long hair, it requires both good inner and outer hair care. I always use hair care products specifically for increased hair growth combined with the wine gum vitamins for the hair from HairLust to get the best possible result, as fast as possible.

I recommend you try it out and see which of the two wine gum vitamins you like best and see which provide the desired effect.

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