Bamboo Hairbrushes

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NOTE: The hairbrushes are sold both separately and together as a collection. So either choose the brush, that is most suitable for your needs or get all three, so you have one for every purpose.

HairLust Bamboo Brushes are three gentle and sustainable hairbrushes made from bamboo. Your new favourite brushes for easy styling, volumizing blow drying, and non-damaging daily detangling.

The cushioned brushes provide a gentle massage of the scalp that effectively stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles, increasing the health of both hair and scalp. HairLust Bamboo Hairbrushes all have round-tipped pins with anti-static properties, that are gentle on hair and scalp, while preventing static electricity when brushing. They feature an ergonomic, eco-friendly bamboo handle for effortless and comfortable handling.

Bamboo is an incredibly fast growing plant, that doesn’t need harmful chemicals to grow. This makes it a highly sustainable alternative to materials such as wood and plastics.

Choose the bamboo hairbrush most suitable for your needs:

Bamboo Large Paddle Brush

HairLust Bamboo Large Paddle Brush has a broad flat base, making it suitable for all hair types, but ideal for longer and thicker ones. Perfect for daily detangling, smoothing & de-frizzing, as well as speeding up drying time and adding volume and fullness to your salon-worthy blowout.

Bamboo Vented Paddle Brush

HairLust Bamboo Vented Paddle Brush has an oval shaped base and a unique ventilation system to ensure optimal air circulation during styling and blow drying. Suitable for all hair types, but perfect for long and shoulder length hair, this brush is a must have for easy styling and everyday brushing.

Bamboo Styling Brush

HairLust Bamboo Styling Brush features a narrow, cushioned base, which makes it ideal for both styling, blow drying and daily detangling in both women and men. With its sleek design it is the perfect hair brush on the go and should have a reserved spot in every weekend bag. Suitable for all hair types.

HairLust Bamboo Brushes all feature an ergonomic, eco-friendly handle made of bamboo, ensuring a safe grip and comfortable brushing.

Bamboo is an incredibly fast growing plant, that doesn’t need harmful chemicals to grow, which makes it a more sustainable alternative to materials such as wood and plastics.

Bamboo Large Paddle Brush measures 26x9 cm.

Bamboo Vented Paddle Brush measure 24x8 cm.

Bamboo Styling Brush measures 22,5x5 cm.

Make sure to always brush your hair gently, to avoid damaging the hair or hair follicles. If your hair is very tangled, then begin by brushing the lengths and work your way gently up towards the roots.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Remove hair among the pins with your fingers and remember to throw it in the garbage can, not the toilet or the sink as it might cause clogged drains over time. Wash the brush with water and leave it to dry with the pins facing down, so excess water can easily run off and doesn’t damage the bamboo handle.

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