Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes

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Made With Organic Ingredients & Registered by Vegan Society

Lighten & brighten blond, bleached, and grey hair with HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes. This creamy formula utilises a unique violet-coloured pigment to neutralise yellow, orange, and brassy tones in light-coloured hair.

Lightweight moisturising and fortifying ingredients support healthy hair growth to leave hair stronger, softer, shinier, and longer.

250 ml / 8.4 FL.OZ.

Aqua (water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice* (organic aloe vera. Strengthens and hydrates brittle or bleach-damaged hair to leave it shiny, soft, and healthy-looking), Cetearyl Alcohol (a fatty acid alcohol extracted naturally from e.g. coconut and is used as a moisturising, stabilising ingredient), Glycerin (a sugar alcohol derived from plant oils. It acts as a natural humectant, meaning that it attract moisture from the environment and locking it in your hair), Dihydrogenated Palmoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (used as a emulsifier and anti-static conditioning agent), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (emulsifier made from coconut oil and glycerine. Helps prevent moisture loss), Polyglyceryl-6 Distearate (surfactant from vegetable oil that helps restore hair and skin's moisture balance), Xylitylglucoside (an ingredient derived from two water-binding plant sugars, xylitol and glucose. Its trade name is Aquaxyl™), Anhydroxylitol (is a sugar derived moisturiser and part of Aquaxyl™) , Sodium Benzoate (salt of benzoic acid and used as a preservative in cosmetics products), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil* (organic sweet almond oil is a rich source of skin-replenishing ingredients like triglycerides that promote a healthy scalp), Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil* (organic apricot kernel oil used to soften and moisturise parched, brittle, and damaged hair), Dipropylene Glycol (used as a solvent and texture enhancer), Citric Acid (derived from citrus fruits and used primarily in small amounts to adjust the pH of the product), Propylene Glycol (used as a preservative), Xylitol (is a polyalcohol or sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables. Part of a moisturising trio called Aquaxyl™), Sodium Gluconate (salt form of gluconic acid, a mild acid produced from the sugar glucose. Functions as a chelating agent), Potassium Sorbate (water-soluble preservative used as a safe alternative to parabens), Glucose (used as a humectant, a conditioner for both skin and hair, and also to cut down on static electicity. It's found naturally in corn and grapes), Hydrolyzed Rice Protein (micro-proteins extracted from rice extract), Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (licorice root extract, has a calming effect on irritated skin and scalp), Sodium Chloride (aka salt, used as a natural preservative), Sodium Sulfate (is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid and used as a detergent), Parfum (0.6% parfume used), CI 60730 (purple colour pigment). *Ingredient from Organic Farming.

The product contains 96.5% natural origin of total, of which 11% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Apply to wet, freshly-cleansed hair, concentrating on the mid-lengths to ends. Wait for two to three minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

For best results, use with HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes.


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Benefits of the product

  •    Gently brightens and colour-corrects hair
  •    Suitable for blond, bleached, or grey hair
  •    Rich in active, vegan micro-proteins
  •    Strengthens and repairs damaged hair
  •    Hydrates and balances the scalp
  •    Made in Denmark
  •    Paraben-, SL/SLS- & phthalate-free
  •    96.64% natural origin ingredients
  •    Vegan & cruelty-free
Made in Denmark
Made with organic ingredients
Registered by Vegan Society
Free of parabens, silicone, SL-sulphates
Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo

How it works

We formulated Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes with a violet-coloured pigment that counteracts harsh brassy tones in light-coloured hair. For extra brightening power, we also included liquorice root, a natural extract that gently lightens the hair.

This creamy formula also provides lightweight, long-lasting hydration and protects hair against further colour-fading with potent natural antioxidants. The result? Hair looks bright, shiny, and cool-toned. All ingredients are chosen for their purity and ability to improve hair health:

  • Organic Aloe Vera – This antioxidant-rich natural extract strengthens and moisturises hair while protecting it against environmental damage.
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil – Almond oil acts as an emollient, meaning that it “fills in the gaps” of damaged hair to leave it softer and shinier. Almond oil is also a rich source of skin-replenishing ingredients like triglycerides that promote a healthy scalp.
  • Organic Apricot Kernel Oil – An excellent source of fatty acids, apricot kernel oil softens and moisturises parched, brittle, and damaged hair.
  • Liquorice Root – With natural lightening properties, liquorice root helps to gently lift unwanted brassy pigments from light-coloured hair.
  • Glycerin – This humectant draws moisture into the hair shaft to keep hair hydrated all day long.
  • AQUAXYL™ – Derived from sugar, AQUAXYL™ deeply moisturises the hair and scalp and prevents water loss through evaporation.
  • Protectogen™ (Hydrolyzed Rice Protein) – This rice-extracted micro-protein protects hair against stress from environmental factors like sun, air pollution, and styling. Protectogen™ gives hair bouncy volume and leaves it smooth and frizz-free. Plus, Protectogen™ supports hair growth by generating an increase in key stem cell markers that are critical for hair growth.
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How long can I leave purple conditioner in my hair?

We recommend that you leave HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes on your hair for two to three minutes before rinsing. For hair that is extra brassy, leave the Conditioner in your hair for up to five minutes.

How often should I use purple conditioner?

Use HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes one to two times per week, or any time your hair develops a brassy tone.

Is purple conditioner a toner?

While HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes is not technically a toner, it does work to tone light-coloured hair thanks to its formula that includes violet pigment and liquorice root extract.

Can you leave purple conditioner in your hair overnight?

We do not recommend that you leave HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes on your hair overnight. If you are looking for an overnight hair mask, try our HairLust Anti-Frizz & Hydration Pre-Shampoo Hair Balm.