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HairLust Hair Growth Formula Capsules contain an intense combination of all the vital hair growth vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to grow a thicker and longer hair. HairLust hair vitamins is the best starting point for a healthier and faster growing hair as this supplement gives your hair the best possible care from the inside. Get thicker and more beautiful hair with HairLust Hair Vitamins and experience the quick results.

HairLust Hair Growth Formula Capsules each contain 60 hair vitamins, and lasts approximately 1 month when used as recommended.

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Other ingredients: Capsule (hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose), colour (titanium dioxide), anti-caking agent (rice bran extract).

Take the capsules every day with water and a healthy, varied diet. We recommend taking 2 capsules a day for maximum effect.

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Benefits of HairLust Hair Vitamins:

  •    Suitable for vegans
  •    High levels Zink
  •    Clinically proven ingredients
  •    Contains 5,000 mcg of biotin
  •    High levels of Silica, B5 & B12
  •    Powerful dosage that works from within
  •    Contributes to strong & healthy hair
  •    Easy to use
  •    Designed for women
Danish brand
Strong formula
Allergy friendly
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HairLust hair growth vitamins

HairLust Hair Vitamins for healthier and faster hair growth is a unique blend of the most effective nutrients, minerals and vitamins for the hair. The key to getting long hair comes from within, which is why these vitamins for hair growth from HairLust contain a high content of essential nutrients, minerals and hair vitamins, which are scientifically proven to provide a longer, stronger and faster growing hair with less harm. Each ingredient in our formula is specially formulated and dosed in a concentrated amount so that the HairLust vitamins for hair growth are able to provide the best possible effects to get a healthier and longer hair.

HairLust nourishes and takes care of the hair from within by adding vital nutrients and vitamins to the hair. The active blend of essential nutrients and vitamins for hair such as biotin, zinc and vitamin B help you achieve getting longer hair faster than ever before, while contributing to a healthier hair. These, among several hair vitamins, will help getting you long and silky hair.

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Get long and beautiful hair with the our hair growth vitamins within just a couple of months. We recommended HairLust Hair Vitamins:

  • If you have experienced antioxidant stress causing hair thinning
  • If you want to give your hair the best nutritional support to grow a long and healthy hair
  • If you regret a bad haircut or your hair has become too short
  • If you use heat tools, bleach or colour your hair, causing your hair to look dry and damaged
  • If you use to wear hairextensions causing damage to your hair
  • If you have given birth and as a result experienced greater than normal hair loss
  • If you have experienced menopause-related hair loss


Biotin has many hair and skin benefits and is one of the only vitamins for hair backed up by science, which is why HairLust Hair Vitamins contain 5.000 mcg biotin per daily dosage. Biotin is not only good for maintaining healthy hair, but also contributes positively to the body's energy metabolism, which helps the body to redirect energy to scalp and hair follicles.

Horsetail is one of the plants in the world, which is richest in silica. The plant is a living fossil renowned and recognised in several studies and experiments of its effect on hair. Many of these prove that horsetail extract can improve hair health and growth.

Zinc is an essential mineral that contributes to healthy hair and hair growth. One of the best benefits of zinc is that zinc contributes to the maintenance of a normal testosterone level in the blood, energy production, and the body's protein formation. HairLust uses a balanced dose of Zinc, which helps the body to absorb and convert macronutrients in the bloodstream.

Glycine, 1-methionine and 1-glutamine are all amino acids. These amino acids are known to be important building blocks in the hair’s keratin, which is the main component of the hair. The amino acids maintain optimal hair cell production and thus the strength and health of the hair.

B Vitamins, also known as vitamin B-complex, are all known for their excellent hair benefits. HairLust hair pills contain both B5, B6, B9, and B12. The B Vitamins can promote healthy metabolism and ensure that the body produces the hormones necessary for proper tissue growth and cell growth. An imbalance in the body's metabolic hormones might damage the cells, resulting in diffuse thinning, and the hair may become thin and fragile.

FDA approved facilities:

Our products are manufactured in England and in FDA approved facilities in order to ensure that you are treated with the best quality and safety. HairLust only uses the best sources of ingredients to insure highest quality. There are no side effects, but we recommend you to consult with your GP before taking any nutrients supplements, if you are pregnant or taking some forms of medicine.

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Results may vary from person to person.