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HairLust Pure Bamboo Pillowcase is a soft and delicate bamboo pillowcase that protects your hair while you sleep.

Did you know that you can damage your hair while sleeping? The quality of your pillowcase can damage your hair and cause broken hair locks. Switching out the ordinary, cheap cotton cover with a nice pillowcase made of bamboo fibres is an easy way to invest in hair health and appearance. Bamboo protects both hair and skin, since it does not rub against or damage the hair, and furthermore, it is very gentle on the skin. The soft fibres of the HairLust Pure Bamboo Pillowcase also prevent hair from becoming tangled and messy at night.

The hypoallergenic and antibacterial pillowcase is made of 100 % bamboo fibre, and is especially suitable for sensitive hair and skin. By nature, bamboo is soft as satin and will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. HairLust Pure Bamboo Pillowcase is cruelty-free, since bamboo is a vegan material as opposed to silk or wool. Furthermore, a bamboo pillowcase is a more environmentally friendly alternative to a more traditional pillowcase.

In other words - protecting your skin and your hair, you also protect nature.

Dimensions: 60x63/70 cm. Wash before use.

Save 10%

100% bamboo

Note that the package does not include a pillow.

Wash the bamboo pillowcase in maximum 40 degrees before use. Do not use bleach and avoid tumble drying at high heat. The package contains instructions for using the pillowcase.

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