About HairLust

In the field of beauty and hair care, what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we rub into it. With the knowledge we have and based on clinical trials in cooperation with nutritionists and pharmacists from Denmark, we have developed a nourishing range of products for men and women who want longer, thicker, and healthier hair. HairLust is divided into two categories, which consist of supplements and hair care products, ensuring optimal inner beauty and outer care for the hair. Our products are carefully developed to complement each other, and ingredients dosed and composed in such a way that each ingredient works in the best way possible and thereby creating synergy effects.

HairLust encapsulates a new generation of food supplements and hair care products with its focus on hair growth and appealing visual identity, which can best be described as being of a modern, presentable, and shareable, yet professional, appearance. We aim to break with the traditional, taboo attitude towards hair loss, thin hair and food supplements, especially among young men and women. We do so by making old fashioned products attractive, highly effective and ordinary for everyone. You don’t have to suffer from anything in order to take food supplements or hide them from your friends. Reach your hair goals with HairLust and share your journey all the way with the HairLust community.