About HairLust

The natural way to healthy hair

HairLust is a Danish brand dedicated to improving and maintaining natural beauty and healthy hair. By focusing on delivering natural products for both inner and outer hair care, we take up the fight against taboos such as thin hair and hair loss.


HairLust is the only Nordic brand that not merely focuses on internal or external hair care, but on the efficient combination of the two. HairLust supplements and hair care products have been developed with a particular focus on innovation, transparency and Nordic values. The natural ingredients are carefully selected - always with an eye for pure and clean ingredients that benefit hair health from both inside and outside.

Ecology makes a difference! HairLust combines luxury with sustainability and uses natural ingredients whenever possible. Therefore, most HairLust products are certified organic and vegan. Using safe, clean and natural ingredients, HairLust helps both women and men in achieving healthier hair, better hair care and fewer bad hair days. Because everybody deserves healthy hair!


Young or old, female or male - at some point everybody experiences problems with hair loss and thinning hair. In a world where everything has to go faster, people have to perform increasingly more, and the beauty standards are almost impossible to live up to, stress and frustration can lead to us gradually losing more hair. And no one wants to talk about the problems because losing your hair is still a taboo. Instead, we put on a hat and pull the beanie well down below our ears.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! We believe that everyone is entitled to healthy hair. That’s why in the end of 2016 HairLust was founded with a clear goal to deliver gorgeous, natural products at affordable prices in order to improve and preserve natural beauty. HairLust wanted to open up conversations about the taboo of hair loss to help both men and women achieve healthier hair and better self-esteem.

Meet the team

Have you ever wondered who develops our products, designs our website and cares for our relationships with our retailers? Who takes the photos and makes videos for social media, markets our products or provides customer service to our lovely customers and other interested ones? Gradually, we have been growing and expanding our wings - it is no longer just in Denmark that we have faithful and loyal customers. We have also gotten tailwind in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Netherlands. We could not have done this without our fantastic customers. It is YOU we've listened to every day to continuously improve HairLust! Below, you can see a selection of the team behind HairLust who work hard every day so you never have a bad hair day again.

HairLust team

We don’t just sell regular hair care products.

HairLust is much more than just another new brand of hair care products. HairLust was created to provide that mental, physical, and social boost it takes to break the taboo around hair loss and products that prevent hair loss. Our products not only contribute to healthy and gorgeous hair, but change the idea that hair care products against hair loss are dull. You shouldn’t keep our products hidden away in the cupboard but instead put them on display. We need to get better at being open about and share our journey towards healthy hair even in the worst of times, and no matter whether it’s due to stress, pregnancy, bad hair care routines or something else.

We are the best rated brand in the industry and have some of the most loyal customers, followers and ambassadors throughout the Nordic region. When our customers and ambassadors share their experiences and achievements with the whole world, we break the taboo around hair loss! The dietary supplements are no longer stored away in the cupboards, but are shared on social media. HairLust breathes new life into a traditional market and makes old-fashioned products attractive, effective and accessible to everyone.

Like a breath of fresh and modern air, HairLust turns the market for dietary supplements and hair care products upside down with the company’s strong visual identity and Nordic values. The personal fight against hair loss is now being shared on social media, and healthy, natural hair is what people strive to achieve. Out with hard chemicals and in with healthy nutrients!