Guide: Spice jars


Cute containers for spices, seeds, and nuts

Don’t you just hate it when you have opened a bag of spices, seeds or nuts and you have no idea how to store them? The bag is ripped open and now you can’t just close it with tape, a rubber band or a bag clip. So why not solve the problem with your used HairLust dietary supplement containers?


All you need is:

  • A scouring pad and possibly some cooking oil to remove the product label
  • Your used, emptied, cleaned container
  • Spices, herbs, dried fruit, seeds or nuts
  • A rubber band and carton sticker
  • Optional: paper or carton for decoration and a piece of string to fasten it to the container


How to:

  • Enjoy the delicious gummies or tablets until finished
  • Clean the container and remove the adhered product label. The glue might stick but is very easy to rub off with a scouring pad and some ordinary cooking oil. Make sure to thoroughly clean the container with detergent to ensure that all greasy residue from the cooking oil is removed.
  • If you feel like it, add a small sticker to be able to tell the contents of the container. We have decorated ours with a strip of pink paper and a piece of string, but they are so cute even without a sticker, which allows you to see the content.
  • Put in your seeds, nuts, herbs or spices and voilà!

Guide to up-cycling by HairLust for spice jars: