Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner For Blondes

The benefits of using HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner For Blondes

  •    Certified vegan
  •    Rich in active, organic ingredients
  •    No parabens, SL-sulphates & phthalates
  •    Does not contain silicone
  •    Produced in Denmark
  •    Contains violet colour pigments
  •    Good for dyed & naturally blonde hair
  •    Contributes to a healthy & strong hair
  •    Compliment each other effectively
Produced in Denmark
Organic ingredients
Certified vegan
Free of parabens, silicone, SL-sulphates
Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner For Blondes

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner For Blondes is an effective silver series, designed to nurture and maintain blond and grey hair, whether it is naturally blond, dyed or bleached.

HairLust silver shampoo effectively removes grime, sebum, and product residue from the hair, while the content of violet pigments has a lightening effect on yellow and reddish hair shades and prevents the blonde hair from fading. The shampoo's content of creatine acts as a stimulant on the hair's keratin production, as a moisturiser on damaged hair, nourishes hair roots, and helps increase hair volume, while active ingredients such as organic mango extract, organic blueberry extract, and organic aloe vera are moisturising, nourishing, and soothing on both hair and scalp.

HairLust silver conditioner provides the perfect finish for a gentle and lightening hair wash with the HairLust silver series. The content of organic aloe vera and organic apricot kernel oil in this silver conditioner works to effectively nourish and soften the hair, while organic sweet almond oil helps restore the hair's moisture balance. Liquorice root extract helps maintain the natural balance of the scalp, because its effective anti-inflammatory properties acts as a sedative on an irritated scalp, while the violet pigment content complements the shampoo's lightening properties and keeps yellow shades at bay. Always use conditioner after washing with shampoo because a good conditioner will seal off the hair strands and help prepare the hair for whatever today throws at it.

hairlust conditioner for blondes

Nurture and care needs to come from both the inside and the outside

Dyeing, bleaching and other chemical treatments of the hair can often leave the hair dry, frizzy and damaged, while heat treatment and styling can discolour the neat, blonde locks. That is why blond hair often needs extra good moisturising care as well as a lot of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. However, there are limits to how effective a silver shampoo and conditioner are on their own, and if you only take external hair care into consideration in your daily routine, you don’t always achieve the best possible results.

That is why we recommend that you combine your moisturising and nourishing external hair care with a dietary supplement for the hair such as HairLust Hair Growth Formula Capsules or Gummies, which provide both hair and hair follicles with the natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for the body to maintain and grow a healthy and shiny hair. In addition, we recommend that you use a moisturising hair mask such as HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask 1-2 times weekly.

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner For Blondes are both certified vegan and contain clean, organic ingredients, which are carefully selected to provide that extra bit of moisture and care that blond hair needs to grow healthy and strong.