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HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask

Benefits of Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask:

  •    Certified organic and vegan
  •    Free from parabens & sulfates
  •    Silicone-free hair mask
  •    Produced in Denmark
  •    Effective in treating split ends
  •    Extra moisturizing treatment
  •    Rich in nourishing antioxidants
  •    Contributes to healthy hair from the inside
  •    Helps re-establish moisture balance
Produced in Denmark
Certified organic
Certified vegan
Paraben-, sulfate- & phthalate-free
hairlust hair growth and protection hair mask

A hair mask for strong hair in no time

Say goodbye to dry and damaged hair with HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask. Even if you take care of your hair and make an effort to select and use the right hair products, your hair can still be dry and weakened. Many factors can affect hair health, length, and appearance - everything from wind and weather, your hair care routines, and lack of nutrients, to the body's reactions to hormonal imbalance, for instance due to stress or pregnancy, can affect hair health.

A hair mask can do wonders for your hair, whether it's already damaged, needs some tender loving care, or you just want something that is particularly good for yourself and your hair. HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask contains active vegetable proteins that help care for and protect both hair and split ends, so they once again can grow long and healthy. Combined with organic shea butter, apricot kernel extract, and acai extract, HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask will penetrate deep into the hair locks and help restore the natural moisture balance in normal, dry, and broken hair.

We recommend you combine HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask with a HairLust dietary supplement for hair growth. This will boost the effect and nourish the hair from both the inside and the outside, thus making it healthy and strong much faster.

hairlust hårmaske

Treat yourself to a moisturizing 5-minute conditioning hair treatment

Treat yourself to a well-deserved break with a revitalizing and moisturizing hair treatment on an otherwise busy day. HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask protects the hair from damage caused by styling tools, such as blow dryers and straighteners, as well as damage from hair extensions, hair dyes and the like. Our hair mask provides intensive care and nourishment, moisturizes, and prevents the hair strands from breaking.

HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask contains both natural rice protein, wheat protein, and plant protein, organic fatty acids rich in vitamins A, C and E, antioxidants, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. Organic fruits and berries give the Hairlust hair mask natural antioxidant properties, which help provide in-depth care for the hair.

HairLust Hair Growth & Protection is both certified organic and vegan, allowing you to care for your hair with a clear conscience. Use this nourishing hair treatment weekly and provide the best care for your hair. Leaves the hair with a wonderful scent of fresh fruit.