HairLust Men

HairLust Men

Benefits of HairLust for Men:

  •    Suitable for vegans
  •    Clinically proven effects
  •    High levels of biotin, zink & selenium
  •    Hair pills specifically for men's hair loss
  •    Pills for hair loss raise the hair follicles
  •    Prevents thinning hair
  •    Reduces hair loss in men
  •    Powerful blend of hair vitamins
  •    Contains only natural ingredients
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HairLust Men - treating hair loss

HairLust for Men are hair growth vitamins for men that contains clinically proven ingredients to reduce and prevent the common symptoms of hair loss in men. The earliest symptoms of male baldness (androgen alopecia) will most often occur in men aged between 20-45. Male baldness is hereditary and is caused by an overproduction of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The initial hair loss in men typically starts at the top of the head or in the tines. By combining the right vitamins against hair loss combined with DHT blockers, hair loss can be reduced and prevented.

How does it work?

HairLust Men is a powerful combination of hair growth vitamins specifically for men to treat hair loss. Our formula in our hair pills for men is developed and produced in England and targeted to men who experience initial symptoms of hair loss. Like all other cells in the body, the hair follicles need the right and correct amount of nutrients to grow.

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HairLust hair vitamins against hair loss combine natural vitamins, minerals and DHT blockers to promote healthy and strong hair in men. Each hair follicle contains potassium channels in which potassium and other important nutrients are transported from and to the hair follicle. This function is essential for maintaining a healthy and strong hair. HairLust pills for hair loss help reactivate tired and slow potassium channels with the unique combination of potassium, zinc, biotin and vitamin B.

Why choose HairLust Men?

The hair pills deliver the nutrients that hair follicles need to grow
Increases the appearance of new hair follicles
Repairs existing hair so it becomes more healthy and thick
Promotes and stabilizes healthy blood circulation to the scalp
Hair growth pills deliver fast results - often seen after 2-6 months of use


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This picture is taken four months apart with HairLust Men. 

Based on several clinical studies in collaboration with pharmacists and nutritionists from England and Denmark, we have formulated the best blend of active ingredients for treating hair loss in men. By providing your hair with a natural and intense supplement, rich in essential vitamins and minerals, our hair growth pills will help you get your back, thicker than ever.

Most people will experience results within 2-6 months of using our hair growth pills. HairLust for Men works systematically to repair and prevent visible symptoms of male hair loss. The first results will show in a reduction of the loss of existing hair, after which you will begin to experience an increase of new hair appearing. When using the hair pills, you will therefore be able to notice - if you have receding hairline - that they will slowly reduce over time. Other places with thin hair will become thick and healthy as well. The formula of HairLust for Men is based on the latest research within the field of hair loss in men. These hair growth vitamins are ideal to prevent hair loss.



Active Ingredients:

All ingredients found in our hair growth pills for treating hair loss in men are natural and produced in England as well as under FDA approved facilities in order to ensure quality and safety. Each single ingredient found in the hair pills is included for its ability to prevent hair loss. Ingredients include minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids, all of which are specially dosed and formulated to work together efficiently for men. HairLust hair growth vitamins for men contain 22 different ingredients, among which are Isoleucine, Valine, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Folic acid. HairLust Men only uses natural ingredients and there are no side effects.

Using HairLust hair pills

Begin your hair journey with HairLust hair pills against hair loss in men. With these hair growth pills you will get a natural supplement of hair growth vitamins for men that is easy to use, simply consume 2 capsules daily.