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HairLust Shampoo

Benefits of HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo:

  •    Certified organic and vegan
  •    Contains no parabens or phthalates
  •    Silicone- & SLS-free
  •    Produced in Denmark
  •    Protects and nourishes dry hair
  •    Deeply moisturizing shampoo
  •    Contributes to healthy & strong hair
  •    Suitable for all hair types
  •    Extra effective with HairLust Conditioner
Produced in Denmark
Certified organic
Certified vegan
Paraben-, silicone-, and SLS-free
Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo

Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo works to combat the negative effects of lack of nutrients, poor hair care products, rough hair care routines, and harmful hair styling, e.g. using hair extensions, hair dye, straighteners, and blow dryers, as well the effects of stress, pregnancy, or genetics. HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo is produced in Denmark and especially developed for dry and damaged hair. The high protein content from, among other ingredients, rice protein, plant protein, and wheat protein, provides strength to the hair and helps it grow.

The active ingredients in HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo work to rebuild hair strength and vitality from root to tip. The product repairs hair and prevents hair damage in order for your hair locks to grow long and strong without breaking. HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo contains organic plant butter that balances and cleans the scalp completely without greasing it or weighing it down. To enhance the effect of the hair care products, we recommend that they be used in combination with one of our dietary supplements for hair.

hairlust shampoo

Certified organic and vegan

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo contains, among other ingredients, organic aloe vera, organic blueberry extract, and organic mango butter, which gently repairs damaged hair. Organic aloe vera delicately removes dirt and dead skin cells from both hair and scalp. The aloe vera plant is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which nourish the scalp and hair from root to tip. Blueberry extract contains a large amount of proanthocyanidins, which work to improve and increase hair elasticity, while mango butter nourishes the scalp and gives the hair extra flexibility and comfort.

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo is both certified organic and vegan, allowing you to care for your hair with a clear conscience. Use this gentle shampoo weekly and provide the best care for your hair. Leaves the hair with a wonderful scent of fresh fruit.

How do I use HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo?

Make this shampoo part of your bathing ritual, when you need to wash your hair. Try applying it 2-3 times a week. HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo should be evenly distributed in wet hair and foamed up. Make sure to massage well into the scalp. Subsequently, rinse out with warm water. For even better results, you can finish with HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner from the same series.

If you are looking for a quality shampoo that moisturises your hair in-depth and fights frizzy hair, HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo is definitely something for you. We recommend combining our Shampoo with HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner and a HairLust dietary supplement.