The Story Behind HairLust

In 2017 Sofie Tidemand and Rasmus Serup experienced first-hand how much thinning hair and hair loss affects one’s self-esteem, especially in women for whom hair loss often is a problem that isn’t talked about in the same way as in men.
Both were well into their 20s and saw how much of a problem hair loss were for themselves as well as for people around them.

Sofie had the typical thin and fragile hair, which since her teenage years had been suffering from split ends and dry, damaged hair locks. This especially accelerated when as a teenager she got extensions, and after that her hair never returned to its initial, healthy state, partly due to stressful working periods and too little time to eat right, sleep right, and exercise sufficiently.
Like many men in their 20s, Rasmus’ friends started teasing each other about their starting hair loss and receding hairlines. A lot of them started wearing beanies and hats, even though it wasn’t cold outside – suddenly it became very popular to wear a beanie in order to hide the receding hairline.
Both could relate to the problem and taboo surrounding hair loss. But instead of ignoring the issue, accepting the low self-esteem and pull the beanie down even further, they decided to take action. Hair loss should no longer supposed to be a taboo, but something that was actually preventable and easy to talk about.
With previous experience from the dietary supplement business, both observed the growing trend of internal body care and an increased focus on inner beauty. That’s how the journey began towards carefully examining the potential for a dietary supplement specifically developed for the hair, which turned out to be a great success. It turned out they were not alone in their need for a natural, dietary supplement for inner hair care.
From then on, things started to move fast for Sofie and Rasmus. Today the entire team behind HairLust works every day to help both men and women to get a healthier, longer, thicker hair, as well as to inspire the dialogue and openness about the subject of hair loss. Not only do we wish to talk about and clarify that hair loss is natural. It is a subject that can be sensitive and negative for a lot of people, but we also want to make a difference by delivering innovative and sustainable products that actually work.

Started by sceptics – made for sceptics

Natural dietary supplements and hair care products against hair loss? We were sceptical ourselves before we started HairLust, but sometimes things aren’t too good to be true! We let the reviews speak for themselves, and the response from our customers cannot be mistaken. Most of them experience amazing results both regarding hair growth and hair health after using our products.
With time, beauty editors, customers, and other sceptics have recognised and praised HairLust for breaking with conservative traditions in the market and developing products that actually work.


We have learned that the path to beautiful and healthy hair requires both inner and outer hair care, which is why we have developed natural dietary supplements and hair care products that are rich in nutrients, all of them working together for optimal results. Our products are divided into hair supplements, outer hair care products and hair accessories, which contribute to optimal hair care by covering inner and outer hair care. All products are carefully developed, and the ingredients are dosed and compounded to create the best possible synergistic effects. That way both inner and outer hair care complement each other effectively.