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The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from www.thehairlust.co.uk. By accessing or using www.thehairlust.co.uk, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and without limitation or reservation agree to be bound by these terms. The terms apply in the absence of any other written agreements between the buyer and HairLust ApS.

Your consent to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Service is deemed to come into effect immediately after you first use www.thehairlust.co.uk. If you do not agree to act under these Terms of Use, stop using the webpage immediately. This agreement applies to you - the user of this website and HairLust ApS with CVR number 38076582.

Delivery and risk

1) Delivery of goods from www.thehairlust.co.uk is deemed to have occurred after the customer has received the goods. HairLust ApS will by email notify you when you can expect your item(s) to be shipped. This notice will include an estimated delivery date. The stated delivery date is indicative and may therefore be waived.

2) If goods are ordered from outside EU, it is possible that import duties and taxes can be incurred as soon as the goods have reached their destination. HairLust ApS is not responsible for these expenses, and we do not undertake to calculate or disclose estimated rates in this regard. If you buy goods outside of EU, you are advised to contact your local customs authorities in the country in which you are resident for more information on prices and procedures.

3) The risks associated with goods ordered at www.thehairlust.co.uk passes on to the buyer when the cancellation right has expired, 14 days after receiving the order. If the product has been damaged or in any way has deteriorated after the buyer has received it, he/she will retain his right of withdrawal if the damage or deterioration is not due to negligence or lack of care on his/her part. Remember to save original packaging, since the item must be returned in original packaging in case of complaint over or damage of the item.

4) If a product is returned to us due to an error in the address you provided, we will contact you and we will resend the package to the revised address, provided you wish the item resent. This means that you must pay for postage, since you are accountable for the error.

5) If a product is returned to us for any reason whatsoever, where the receipt has not been delivered (the customer is not present, the customer is unreachable, or the item is rejected) and our freight company has attempted to deliver the item, you will be charged the total amount that may arise from redelivery and other expenses that may occur due to the item being returned to us.

6) Once a customer has entered their payment information, the money will not be withdrawn immediately, but only reserved. Only when the item is shipped will we deduct the reserved amount.

Right of cancellation

7) HairLust ApS gives you 14 days’ rights of cancellation from the day you receive the item. If you regret your purchase, HairLust ApS must be notified accordingly within 14 days of the day you received the product. You are required to return the item in the same condition and quantity as it was received. This also applies to the packaging and the label that is on the item. You must bear the costs of returning the item yourself. You can undo a purchase by returning the item to the specified address you receive from Customer Service. If you regret your purchase, you will of course get back the amount you have paid to us. We need a valid order number for return and the amount will be transferred to the card you have paid with, after we receive the returned item and checked that it meets the cancellation policy.

8) You will lose your right of cancellation if you break the seal on goods which, for health or hygiene reasons, are not suitable for return.

9) If you use your right of cancellation, we will refund all payments received from you (though not delivery costs) without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the date of notification of your decision to cancel this agreement.

10) If you regret the purchase, the item must be sent to our address: Pakkecenter Nord, ATT: HairLust ApS, Aalborgvej 15, DK-9700 Brønderslev, Denmark.


11) Any defects or defects pertaining to products/goods supplied by HairLust ApS must be invoked within 2 months after you have become aware of the error. It is your duty to specify and, upon request, show in what way the error or defect is expressed. If you notice a defect, please contact HairLust ApS. In principle, you can only complain about errors that appear within 2 years after you have received the item. For products with limited durability, your complaint is limited by the shelf life that HairLust ApS has informed you of. As a consumer, you can choose to exchange the item. The exception to this rule is if exchange is impossible or will cause excessive costs for HairLust ApS. If your claim is warranted, we will of course refund your (reasonable) shipping costs.


12) At www.thehairlust.co.uk you can pay with either: Paypal, or the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard or Eurocard.

Complaint options

13) If you wish to complain about your purchase, please contact info@thehairlust.co.uk. If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with The Consumer Complaints Board, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, DK-2500 Valby, Denmark, via https://www.en.kfst.dk/consumer/the-consumer-complaints-board/. You can also use the EU Commission's online complaint portal, which will, however, mainly be relevant if you are a consumer living outside Denmark. You can find the complaint portal here https://www.forbrugereuropa.dk/menu/forbruger-europa-netvaerket/.

Precise information

14) HairLust ApS does not guarantee that all items will be available. Inventory notifications are not available on the website, so if a product turns out to be out of stock, you will be contacted by our customer service in order to find a solution.

15) All information regarding pricing on the website is correct as soon as it has been announced on the site. HairLust ApS reserves the right to change prices and modify or remove offers from time to time, as necessary. We reserve the right to update and change all prices at our sole discretion.

16) The price for the items is stated in British Pound (GBP). All prices on the website include VAT. The amount will only be withdrawn from your account when the item is shipped.

17) Our disclaimer stipulates that no part of this webpage is intended to be advisory and you should not depend on the content of this web site according to any decision or action taken by you.

18) To the extent permitted by law, HairLust ApS does not accept liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage which is deemed to be predictable or foreseeable. This includes any indirect, significant, specific, exemplary error arising from the use of the website, as well as any information contained therein. Users should be aware that they make use of the content of the website at their own risk.

Privacy policy

19) Our privacy policy states that in order for you to enter into an agreement with us, we need the following information: Name, address, telephone number, and email address. The data controller can be contacted through our customer service.

The trade conditions were last updated on 7 August 2018.