The HairLust Shooting Star Grant

HairLust Shooting Star Legatet


We have a lot of respect for ambitious hairdressing students who want to make their mark on the world of haircuts, hair care, and hair care products. That’s why we annually award the HairLust Shooting Star Grant of 5,000 DKK to hairdressing students who want to improve themselves and achieve something special in hairdressing.
Compared to the rest of the world, hairdressing training in Denmark is highly advanced. We offer the HairLust Shooting Star Grant to contribute to the continuation of Denmark’s front position in the world competition and further the business by supporting committed and creative individuals, who share our ambitions. By doing so, together we can inspire others to constantly improve and keep up with the current trends in the business.
HairLust Any hairdressing student who is currently enrolled in hairdressing training can apply for the HairLust Shooting Star Grant.
In order to be eligible for the grant, send an application via the form below., Include 10-15 lines about yourself and another 10-15 lines about why you apply for the grant and what YOU will use the 5,000 DKK for.
The grantee for 2018 has been chosen and all grant applicants have received notice and feedback via email. We are now open for applications for the 2019 grant and the link for sending in your application can be found at the bottom of the page.
Grantee for 2018 was Amanda Kyed Andersen, who is a talented hairdressing student with Holk Intercoiffure in Kolding, which participates in numerous hairdressing competitions. After receiving the news that she was chosen as grantee, Amanda made the following statement:

HairLust Shooting Star frisørlegat “The grant will be used for my upcoming participation in the World Hairdressing Championship in September 2019 to pay the expenses for products, mannequin, tools, transportation, board and lodging, etc. I am competing in ladies’ fashion section and participate in the Prestige Galla Cup. I participated last year as well and hope for an even better placement than my individual 4th place and silver medal for teams.”.

We continuously accept applications and we’re now open for applications for the 2019 HairLust Shooting Star Grant.
Deadline: 18. December 2019
All applicants will receive an email reply after deadline, even if they are not awarded the grant. Replies are expected to be sent out by January 2020.