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Bamboo Turban Hair Towel

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HairLust Bamboo Turban Hair Towel is easy to use and far more practical than a traditional towel. Get a wonderful spa experience at home with the HairLust Bamboo Turban Hair Towel for your hair.

This towel has a perfect fit for the head and is made of natural fibres from bamboo and cotton, and it has a button system that makes the towel fit snugly on the head.

Bamboo is a very sensitive material and particularly suitable for sensitive, dry, and worn-out hair. Bamboo is extremely absorbent compared to other fibers. HairLust Bamboo Turban Hair Towel has an enormous absorption capacity and dries your hair up to 10 times faster than a normal towel.

HairLust Towel is made of environmentally friendly material, which you can use in good conscience after your everyday bath. Additionally, the HairLust Bamboo Turban Hair Towel for the hair is antibacterial and odour-resistant, plus naturally breathable.

HairLust Bamboo Turban Hair Towel is one size.

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70% bamboo and 30% cotton

HairLust Bamboo Turban Hair Towel is conveniently shaped like a hoodie, that fits perfectly around the hair. To use it, bend over so the hair falls forward, place the wide end of the towel over the back of your head, so the hair in front of you rests in the thin end of the towel. Close the towel around the hair, twist it gently a few times and close it by putting the button on the tip of the towel in the hole in the back of your neck.

HairLust bambus håndklæde til håret how to hvordan

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