Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes

Benefits of the product

  •    Made for blond, bleached, or grey hair
  •    Rich in active, vegan micro-proteins
  •    Strengthens and repairs damaged hair
  •    Hydrates and balances the scalp
  •    Safe for colour-treated hair
  •    Made in Denmark
  •    Paraben-, SL/SLS- & phthalate-free
  •    97% natural origin ingredients
  •    Vegan & cruelty-free
Made in Denmark
Made with organic ingredients
Registered by Vegan Society
Free of parabens, silicone, SL-sulphates
Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes

How It Works

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes helps you to maintain bright, cool-toned hair – whether your hair colour is natural or from the salon. We formulated our purple shampoo with a violet-coloured pigment that counteracts yellow and orange tones in light-coloured hair.

Not only does this shampoo brighten your hair colour, but it also strengthens your hair! The secret lies in long list of active ingredients, including vegan micro-proteins, which repair damaged areas of the hair cuticle and cortex. Naturally hydrating aloe vera and glycerin provide long-lasting moisture, while antioxidant-rich mango fruit and blueberry extracts protect hair against further damage. With regular use, HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes leaves hair bright, shiny, soft, and frizz-free.

All ingredients are chosen for their purity and ability to improve hair health:

  • Organic Aloe Vera - Gently cleanses to remove excess sebum and product buildup without harming the integrity of your hair (which is important when your hair is processed!). Aloe vera strengthens and hydrates brittle or bleach-damaged hair to leave it shiny, soft, and healthy-looking.
  • Glycerin - This humectant draws moisture into the hair shaft to keep hair hydrated all day long.
  • Protectagen™ (Hydrolyzed Rice Protein) - This rice-extracted micro-protein protects hair against stress from environmental factors like sun, air pollution, and styling. Protectagen™ gives hair bouncy volume and leaves it smooth and frizz-free. Plus, Protectagen™ supports hair growth by generating an increase in key stem cell markers that are critical for hair growth.
  • Gluadin® Kera-P (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein) - This vegan micro-protein penetrates the hair shaft to repair damaged hair, leaving it stronger and healthier.
  • Organic Mango Fruit Extract - This natural extract repairs hair damage to prevent frizz and improve the appearance of bleach-damaged hair. Rich in natural antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C, mango fruit extract protects the hair and scalp against damaging free radical activity.
  • Organic Blueberry Fruit Extract - Blueberries are a potent source of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that protects damaged hair against environmental aggressors. Blueberry fruit extract also promotes scalp health by providing soothing relief and improving blood circulation.
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What is purple shampoo good for?

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes can be used to eliminate brassy tones in blond, bleached, and grey hair. Purple shampoo also restores and protects damaged hair, which makes it particularly beneficial for processed or bleach-damaged hair.

Can you use purple shampoo on brown hair?

HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes is formulated specifically for blond, bleached, or grey hair. If you have brown hair with blond highlights, you can use HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes to eliminate brassiness in your highlights.

How long should you leave purple shampoo in for?

We recommend that you leave Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes on your hair for one to two minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

What happens if you use too much purple shampoo?

We recommend that you use Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes one to two times per week, or any time that hair begins to take on a brassy tone. Using HairLust Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes too often could result in hair with a slight violet tint. If this happens, wash hair with a non-pigmented shampoo and conditioner.

How Should I Use It?

Massage Hair Growth & Repair Shampoo For Blondes into wet hair and scalp. Leave on for one to two minutes for a deeper color deposit. Then rinse well with lukewarm water. Use one to two times per week, or when needed.

For best results, follow with Hair Growth & Repair Conditioner For Blondes.