Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask

Benefits of Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask

  •    Certified organic and vegan
  •    Free from parabens & sulfates
  •    Silicone-free
  •    Produced in Denmark
  •    Builds up the inner structure of the hair
  •    High content of proteins and lipids
  •    Suitable for very damaged hair
  •    Contributes to a strong hair
  •    Helps re-establish moisture balance
Produced in Denmark
Certified organic
Certified vegan
Paraben-, sulfate- & phthalate-free
hairlust protein reconstructor hair mask

In-depth treatment with active proteins

Just like the body needs proteins to grow and function optimally, the hair needs protein to maintain its healthy structure and function. Proteins regulate the physiological processes in the body, such as growth, development, and metabolism.

The hair mainly consists of protein fibres, which might be damaged over time due to incorrect hair care routines, lack of care, or exposure to hot or cold weather conditions. HairLust Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask consists of a high content of active ingredients, hydrolysed yeast protein, wheat protein, and plant protein, which damaged hair needs to rebuild both the weak, outer cuticle layer of the hair strands and the damaged hair fibres.

HairLust Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask combines proteinaceous ingredients with nourishing organic plant fats that work synergistically to repair the weak and fine hair strands. The treatment penetrates deep into the hair and repairs hair structure damage from the inside. By repeating the treatment, the hair becomes stronger and better protected.


hairlust hair mask

Efficient hair care inside out

HairLust Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask is an effective in-depth treatment, developed for very damaged and exposed hair. The treatment has a 2-in-1 effect, which supplies active proteins to the hair and strengthens it from the inside, while organic plant extracts moisturize and nourish the hair from the outside. This leaves the hair locks thoroughly nourished from the inside as well as more resistant to external wear.

We recommend using HairLust Protein Reconstructor Hair Mask 1-3 times a month, as needed, and using a moisturizing hair mask between treatments can be beneficial.