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Hair Growth Formula Gummies Men

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HairLust Hair Growth Formula Gummies Men is delicious and tasteful news for men who experience the first symptoms of hair loss. The unique formula consists of a powerful dose of biotin, folic acid, zinc, and selenium as well as other recognized nutrients for maintaining healthy hair. We have developed the product specifically for men and the corresponding needs of men's hair follicles and scalp, which makes HairLust Hair Gummies Men a pioneering tool to restore healthy hair.

HairLust Hair Growth Formula Gummies Men each contain chewable 90 hair vitamins, and lasts approximately 1 month when used as recommended.

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HairLust Hair Gummies Men Ingredients

All ingredients:

Filling Agents & Sweeteners [Gluten free malt syrup from corn, sugar and glucose], Pectin [A plant fibre used as a natural binding agent/gelling agent/thickening agent in Hair Growth Formula Gummies], Citric Acid [Mild fruit acid. Used as a natural acidity regulator in Hair Growth Formula Gummies], Sodium Citrate [A natural salt from citric acid, which is often used as an acidity regulator or food preservative], DL-Alpha-Tocopherylacetate [Vitamin E Acetate. A fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties that helps support healthy hair growth by protecting the scalp and hair cells from free radicals], Zinc Citrate [Zinc, a mineral important for the normal functioning of the immune system and also contributes to normal maintenance of hair, skin, nails, and vision. In addition, zinc helps protect cells from oxidative stress and contributes to normal fertility], Calcium-D-Pantothenate [Vitamin B5, also called Pantothenic acid. A water-soluble vitamin that is important for the synthesis of hormones, Vitamin D and certain neurotransmitters. It also contributes to a normal metabolic function and mental health], D-Biotin [Biotin, also called Vitamin B7 is a water-soluble vitamin, which is important for many metabolic reactions in the body and essential for hair growth and the maintenance of healthy, normal hair. D-biotin is the pure version of biotin and is often used in dietary supplements], Pyridoxine Hydrochloride [Vitamin B6, a water-soluble vitamin that is very important for body growth and maintenance. Vitamin B6 contributes to a normal protein and glycogen metabolism. Glycogen is the body's most important source of protein for protein synthesis, a function that is important to ensure proper hair growth processes. Vitamin B6 works well with zinc and by doing so contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity], Retinyl Acetate [Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is important for optimal cell formation and contributes to metabolism of iron and a normal function of the immune system], Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid [Folic acid. Belongs to the group of B vitamins and is needed for cell creation and red blood cell production. Folic acid deficiency can cause hair loss, among other things], Potassium Iodide [A mineral salt important for many body functions and contributes to a normal production of hormones], Sodium Selenite [Easily absorbed source of selenium, essential for maintenance of the immune system, hormone system, thyroid gland, as well as normal hair and nails], Cyanocobalamin [Vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin, which is important for many body functions, e.g. energi metabolism, cell formation and because of that also the growth and health of hair. Many people suffer from B12 vitamin deficiency because it is difficult for the body to absorb sufficient amounts through diet alone], Vitamin D [A fat-soluble vitamin that is incredibly important for many of the body's functions, including bone structure, immune system function, and cell formation], Rubus Idaeus [Natural aroma from raspberries, used in Hair Growth Formula Gummies Men], Vaccinium Myrtillus Aroma [Natural aroma from blueberries, used in Hair Growth Formula Gummies Men], Coating Agents [Coconut oil and Carnauba, which is a vegetable coating agent extracted from the leaves of the Brazilian palm tree Copernicia Cerifera, also called "Tree of Life". Used to prevent the wine gums from sticking together], Chlorophyll [Found in the chloroplasts of plants, gives the plants their green colour, and contributes to photosynthesis. Used as a natural colorant], Titanium Dioxide [Naturally occurring mineral, which is used as a white colour pigment]

Free of lactose, gluten & gelatine

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Benefits of HairLust Hair Gummies Men

  •    Contains 5.000 mcg of biotin
  •    Specially designed for men
  •    Can maintain healthy hair growth
  •    Carefully selected ingredients
  •    Healthy and low-calorie wine gums
  •    Natural colour from chlorophyll
  •    Dietary supplement for initial hair loss
  •    Suitable for vegans & allergy sufferers
  •    Based on natural sugar from berries
Danish brand
No artificial colors or flavors
Allergy friendly
hairlust gummies men

How do HairLust Hair Gummies Men work?

What makes this dietary supplement so special is the completely unique combination of nutrients, plus the interaction between vitamins, minerals and amino acids composed in such a way that they enhance each other and improve the absorption when taken together. This means that you can be certain that the effect is even better than if each ingredient was taken individually. In addition to the powerful dose, HairLust Hair Gummies Men also taste amazingly of a berry symphony of sweet and fresh berries.

hairlust Hair Gummies Men

Our tasteful wine gum vitamins are designed to combat adverse side effects from vitamin and mineral deficiency, bad hair products, rough hair care routines and hair styling, hormonal changes and genetics in men. HairLust Hair Gummies Men are recommended:

  • If you have experienced stress, which has caused thinner hair and impaired hair growth.
  • If you want to give your hair the best nutritional support for a beautiful and long hair.
  • If you regret a haircut at the hairdresser and your hair has been cut too short.
  • If you have experienced hormonal changes due to e.g. andropause.
  • If you experience thin hair and beginning hair loss for other reasons.

Active ingredients in HairLust Hair Gummies Men:

Biotin is part of the Vitamin B-family also known as the vitamin B complex. Biotin has many benefits for hair and skin and is one of the only vitamins for hair that is backed up by science. Biotin is the most well-known and recognised vitamin that contributes to healthy hair growth. Biotin is commonly known as being the most important ingredient in a dietary supplement for hair, and not without reason. Numerous clinical studies back up its effect on men’s hair, which is why HairLust Hair Gummies Men contain 5.000 mcg biotin per daily dosage.

Folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9, works very well together with biotin and helps balance the metabolic activity of quickly dividing hair cells. Folic acid also contributes to the body’s conversion of energy and amino acid synthesis.

Zinc is an important mineral, especially for its contribution to maintaining healthy hair, but zinc also helps maintain a normal DHT level in the blood, energy production, and the formation of protein in the body. HairLust uses a balanced dose of zinc, which means that it provides an even better absorption of certain other vitamins in the product.

Selenium is a mineral found in a variety of foods, including avocado, mushrooms, and nuts, etc. Selenium is the body’s strongest antioxidant and protects cells against oxidative stress by maintaining the immune system's function, which can counteract hair loss in men. Selenium can even help maintain a healthy thyroid, which can also lessen hair loss in men.

Vitamin A is a vitamin that actively contributes to the maintenance of healthy mucous membranes and dried sebaceous glands. Dried or blocked sebaceous glands may damage the hair growth process and cause dry and irritable scalp. Dried or blocked sebaceous glands may damage the hair growth process and cause dry and irritable scalp. Vitamin A promotes the cell specialization process and enhances the normal function of the immune system. So all in all, it is a vitamin with many advantages.

B-complex vitamins, including B5, B6, and B12, are vitamins that can promote a healthy energy metabolism and ensure that the body produces hormones, which are necessary for proper tissue growth and cell growth. An imbalance in the body's production of hormones or energy can be harmful for the cells, resulting in diffuse thinning of the hair, and the hair can become thin and brittle.


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Results may vary from person to person.